Snapchef is proud to partner with Rouxbe, the leading online culinary school to provide virtual training to Snapchef recruits and workers across the globe looking to jumpstart their hospitality career. The 20 hour Fast Track Cook One course allows students to learn on their own schedule and teaches Cleaning & Sanitation, Food & Kitchen Safety, Knife Skills, Commercial Equipment Identification, Vegetable Identification and Cookery and Basic Cooking Methods.

Qualified Snapchef applicants can take the course for FREE, receive a starter kit with uniform & accessories needed to work in commercial kitchens and get immediate job placement after the course completion.

Rouxbe Partners with Snapchef to Offer Online Training To Help Aspiring Chefs Secure Employment

Rouxbe, the leading online culinary school and Snapchef, the leading culinary workforce development and staffing agency in New England, today announced Snapchef Fast Track, an online culinary skills development course. The course is designed to help aspiring chefs secure the basic skill to get started in real-world commercial kitchens, and will be available to anyone interested in starting a career in a professional kitchen as well as Snapchef recruits.

“Snapchef is helping close the gap between those looking to get started in the culinary space, and those in need of qualified kitchen staff – which now more than ever is needed,” said Scott Samuel, VP of Culinary at Rouxbe. “We are thrilled to be able to help further the Snapchef mission of creating career opportunities and unlocking the potential for individuals looking to find meaningful and sustained work in the hospitality industry.”

Designed and taught by leading culinary educators, the program delivers detailed video instruction in the foundations of cooking. Certification through Rouxbe and Snapchef is a mark of achievement and an important part of showing commitment to a professional path, helping employees secure jobs and hit the ground running once onboard.

“Our Snapchef Fast Track program, powered by Rouxbe, enables us to provide flexible learning schedules to our recruits and employees, and expands our training curriculum internationally to anyone looking to enter the hospitality industry,” said Todd Snopkowski, CEO and Founder at Snapchef. “Rouxbe has an incredible track record of providing culinary training online for over 15 years to some of the largest hospitality companies in the world. The quality of the lessons and platform are unrivaled, and our graduates will have the skills and confidence for the dynamic opportunities available now from our top-tier clients – the value for both employee and employers is immense.”

By the end of the program, students will have learned a number of key skills, from understanding basic food and kitchen safety and how to handle and maintain a knife, to identification of basic kitchen equipment and ingredients, to the knowledge and application of dry and moist heat cooking methods.

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