Providing Fast Track Culinary Curriculum and Career Opportunities for Northern RI Youth and Young Adults

Today, Snapchef, New England’s premiere culinary placement and training agency, announced a partnership with Community Care Alliance (CCA) to develop a pilot culinary training and career development program for youth and young adults in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

In this pilot program, Snapchef will train 10 individuals using its industry-leading Fast Track Culinary training curriculum to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to enter the culinary industry. After the students complete the 4-week culinary training they will receive a Snapchef Certificate and a ServSafe® Foodhandler Certificate. Through its extensive network, Snapchef will then connect students to internships that match their interests for a period between five and 20 weeks.

“Considering our company’s long-standing commitment to workforce development, it was only natural that we’ve collaborated with Community Care Alliance to support its efforts around serving the community through self-sufficiency programs,” says Todd Snopkowski, founder and CEO. “This pilot program seeks to train young adults with the necessary culinary skills for long term success.”

Snapchef and CCA’s shared commitment to workforce development serves as the foundation for this pilot program. As the agency seeks opportunities to better serve individuals through developing outcome-driven, innovative programming and establishing collaborative partnerships with other organizations, this workforce-training program with Snapchef is a perfect fit.

“We’re committed to innovative workforce development programs that are responsive to both businesses and job-seekers,” says Stump Evans, CCA’s Harbour Youth Services manager. “To have the ability to work with an employer that is dedicated to providing our young people with exciting training and employment opportunities is priceless. Snapchef is working with our staff to meet the youth participants where they are and give them the skills to move toward meaningful employment and self-sufficiency.”

This partnership is one of many that Snapchef has leveraged to train and staff the next generation of culinary leaders. Snapchef is committed to combating the industry’s shrinking labor pool by providing culinary job opportunities to individuals throughout New England. According to the National Restaurant Association, 18 percent of restaurant operators said ‘recruiting and retaining employees is their number-one business challenge. By providing ‘earn-and-learn’ training, Snapchef teaches its employees the necessary skills to succeed in the culinary industry. Today, Snapchef has five locations (two in Boston and one each in Holden, MA, Rhode Island and Worcester0 – with a new office in Springfield, MA opening soon), 450 customers, and places 200 workers per day.

Community Care Alliance’s goal is to empower people challenged by economic insecurity, mental illness and addictions, housing issues, and other trauma-related concerns. It provides counseling, treatment and support services; food, shelter and housing; programs to assist with self-sufficiency such as employment, financial literacy and vocational training; and support for self-help. As a fully licensed, certified, multi-service, non-profit, health & human services agency, CCA offers more than 50 programs that address the multiple needs of the people it serves.