Editor’s note: Since April, Tourtellot has supplied The Snapchef Foundation with key ingredients for our meals to the community. These ingredients include hundreds of pounds of fresh apples, oranges, bananas, pears and vegetables. 

Tell us a little about your business and your role.

Tourtellot is a full line distributor of fresh produce throughout New England. We serve retailers, food service, and wholesale customers. We source broad variety of international, U.S., and locally grown produce. We have been in business for over 100 years due to our strong relationships in the industry and in the community.

What inspired your organization to help with food relief efforts?

Tourtellot has always focused on giving back to our community. The Tourtellot Foundation has supported numerous efforts relating to healthcare, disease research, and community nutrition efforts. When we saw how the virus and the shutdown was beginning to affect our neighbors, we immediately started reaching out to organizations who have been doing crucial grassroots hunger relief for decades. Unfortunately, we know this is not a new problem, but rather a persistent inequity exacerbated by current conditions. We are grateful to the work Snapchef and the City of Providence are doing to make sure families get fresh healthy food in this time of crisis.

What type of support do you provide the Snapchef Foundation?

Tourtellot has been proud to provide fresh produce to be incorporated into the meals Snapchef is preparing daily.

What would you say to encourage other food-related businesses to join the effort?

Because of the nature of this public health emergency, grocery retail is one of the most crucial sectors in this moment. In any time of need, we have always found that our role as an independent, family owned business, is to contribute to our community thriving overall. We hope any business lucky enough to be open during this time will consider marshaling whatever resources they can contribute, be they financial or material, to support those among us who are worried about their next meal.